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A Key For Echo Friendly Home Interiors
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Eco friendly is a very common term that we use every day and the use of this word have intensified since the start of a plastic ban campaign which has largely become popular. We have used this ideology literally everywhere but we have not literally thought about having this incorporated in our home first and then preach it to the rest of the world. The ideology of being eco friendly can be applied well to the interior designing concepts of your home.  We spend half of our days at home  and its not just the beauty of your home which need to be focused while decorating a home. The atmosphere inside should also taken into consideration which would ideally maintain the family's well being and happiness. We need to understand that interior designing is not the aesthetics part, its also about creating excellent designs where material  choosing has an important part, it should not be harmful for the residents. If you are ultimately looking at the well being of your as well as your family, an eco friendly interior design is the perfect way to maintain the cheerfulness inside a house. 

Key factors for an eco-friendly interiors

Eco Friendly Furniture

There is always a tendency to go durable and select materials which are comparatively less expensive. However its our duty to ensure that we choose materials which are not harmful to the world and people around us. There are a wide variety of durable materials, readily available in the market, that is eco friendly and long lasting.


When it comes to furnishing of interiors, wood is the first thing that comes to ones mind. It's extremely strong and available in many colors, but many cant afford because of the high ocst.

MDF 's 

The most commonly used material is  Medium Density Fiberwood, which is also hard with less formaldehyde emission levels with a higher amount of sustainability. 


They  have become extremely trendy, they come in simple and elegant designs. The only disadvantage of bamboo is only its less durability nature.

Organic Cotton For better health

Be it a bedroom mattresses or a living room furniture, cotton is an essential part of the upholstery. Apart from the luxurious look and feel organic cotton has many advantages that can’t be found in synthetics or inorganic cotton. With the growing awareness about organic products, people have already started to use it protect their own health as well as that of the environment. Nowadays mattresses, pillows, and curtains made of organic cotton started gaining popularity; the major attribute to this popularity is the fact that the material is safer than conventional cotton because it is manufactured without using harmful chemicals. In an eco-friendly house, organic cotton is the best option for furniture upholstery.

Choose cotton, the most organic for better health

Let it be a bedroom mattress or a living room furniture, make cotton the essential part of the upholstery.  Organic cotton is readily available and has a lot of advantages that cant be found in synthetics or the inorganic ones. With the popularity of organic products, people have started to use these products for their own health as well as environment. The conventional cotton is gaining popularity as they are manufactured without using harmful chemicals. If you want to have that eco friendly theme in your house, organic cotton is the best option for furniture upholstery.

Switching to eco friendly energy efficient lighting

Its really hard to imagine our homes without ample lights, lighting plays an important role in maintaining a cheerfulness around the house. Designers lights and a wide variety of spot and specific lighting systems are readily available in the market whereas the perfect utilization of natural light can reduce the use of electricity and attention should be given while fixing the lights. Energy efficient lamps  can ensure that they are eco friendly  and they  prevent the emission of harmful pollutants. Compact florescent lamps and LED's are the best to ensure eco friendliness and they  have greater life, excellent color rendering and easy availability.

Make your paintings and wall coverings echo friendly

One should be extremely careful while selecting paintings for interiors as there can be ones which are created from volatile organic compounds which pollute the atmosphere. Keeping them in your living areas is same as living in a toxic environment which can bring in long term health issues. The best way is to avoid such paints and go for the conventional water based paints, which is best suited for an eco friendly environment. Wallpapers or wall covers can be made of wood , which can reduce th usage of paints. These are available in different shades which are beautiful and eco friendly.

Its ideal that you go for a professional interior designers advice if you would like to implement these ideas into action. Active Designs can provide you with smart solutions to make  your home eco friendly.



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