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Kerala Kitchens - Its time for you to change
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We all like to see some  trendy changes with the way how  homes would look. Same old looks cannot be accepted anymore if there is a high demand for adding on a new trend in home interiors and decor. But if it's your kitchen that is demanding a change, you will have to do that according to your requirement, which the very first thought and secondly the budget on how this need to be worked out. Other than all other rooms in a house a well designed modern modular kitchen, gives a great visual impact for the completeness in  interior design and furnishing of a house. There are many factors which play an important role in the appearance of a modular kitchen and not just storage cabinet is the most important aspect . Its the choice of the customer that decides the inclusion of an experienced interior designer like Active Designs on such projects. Below are some tips to make your kitchen a bit extraordinary, luxurious, modern and attractive.
  1. Start with selection of a right shape 
          Shape is an important factor which need to be given importance in a kitchen design. It should be extremely convenient to access all amenities and the distance between the work space and sink, hood and nob should be fixed for flawless movement and easy work in a any modern kitchen. Its the skill of an interior designer that can work in such a situation, where the size, shape and layout of the kitchen makes a lot of difference.  The L shape, U Shape and Island kitchens should be selected with diligence which is ideal for flats, villas and houses.  
        2. Be cautious about height and width
          If a modular kitchen plan is going to applied in your kitchen, look out for a perfection in height of the counter top and overhead cabinets which is ideal for smooth working in Kitchen. A most contemporary kitchen would leave importance for an extremely well planned design. Its is extremely important that  the owner should come up with changes, options and then decide the best possible options.  It's important that to increase the size or to accommodate some essential features, some vital changes are done to the structure of kitchen.  
        3.  Plan what you spend 
            In a perfect modular kitchen, the upper and lower cabinets take up the largest portion of the total budget for modern kitchen. Its ideal to have kitchen designed with minimum cabinets . There are enough of premium and  economic range of kitchens  accessories which can be planned according to budget. The two main factors which is given importance is nothing but convenience and style. To ensure a sustained durability, the selection of materials is also important which needs much discussion and consideration.
        4. Care for accessories and cutlery
            Cup and Saucer tray cabinets, though sparingly used are also important when it comes tom the design aspects of a modular kitchen. Cup and saucer cabinets, waste bin and pull out and a detergent holder is also essential. Cabinets need to  be made which can accommodate all the required accessories  and also provision need to be made for add on.
        5. Light up and Make  it bright
           A  modern modular kitchen demands proper lighting. It wouldn't be awkward to say that modular kitchens need a lot of light. Something which we need to keep in mind is that lighting elevates the elegance of a kitchen and enhances it appearance. Here the interior designers has to plan well with the client which finalize where and how to be lighted.
     Active Designs, one of the fore front names in Kerala with an 18 years of experience brings the latest trends and deigns which has transformed the kitchen concepts ! 


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