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Decorating Mistakes, Everyone Makes In the Living Room
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The most important place in a home is the living room. It is the most active zone where we received our guests and spend time with them. Living room reflects our personality, so it needs to be given more importance. The room might not be appealing to the guests, if you purchased too many pieces of stuff or by placing too much decorative items in the spaces. Just like a beautifully scripted movie, well-decorated living space is at once impressive, engaging, safe and familiar.  Let’s explore certain decorative mistakes that everyone makes in their living room.

  • Selecting Disproportionate Furniture

There is no doubt that the biggest attraction in a living room is its furniture. Some choose the furniture that they seem too attractive in the first look. However, do not think whether it is suitable in the living room. If you do not purchase the furniture to fit the shape and size of the living room, it will be disproportionate to the spaces. So, before purchasing the furniture, you will need to make sure that you do not make any mistake about the required size, shape and quality of furniture that will be right fitted to your living room. Sometimes, using art, furniture, and other design elements that are disproportionate to the living room works as they are done deliberately. In broad, though, it is a bad idea. Always need to take measurements of the living spaces that plan to fit furniture and other stuffs, and need to make certain that whatever you buy is not too small or too big. Apart from aesthetics, a disproportionately large piece of furniture could also block the easy flow of your living room.

  • Picking a Rug That Is Too Small

One of the main offenders in the living room decorating is a poorly sized rug. In some households, the selection of rugs is not depending on the size of the hall. But the experts suggest the size of the carpets has the role to throw a stylish look for the living room. Most people buying smaller rugs as they are significantly cheaper than larger rugs. However, you can create your room look a lot more spacious and stylish just by creating this simple change. The rule is that the rug must never be floating in the centre of the living room, but would rather be anchored by the furniture.

  • Poorly Planning Layout

You have to plan for the living room with the same seriousness as you plan for your entire home. The pre-configured layout makes many things easier. Wherever you want your TV to be done, you can easily decide where to place furniture. There is more convoluted in planning a great living room layout. It is vital to consider and make conversation groups, particularly if the room is narrow and long like various lofts and townhouses. So it is preferred that you have proper layout planning for your living room before you step into the implementation stage.

  • Hanging Art Incorrectly

You also need to pay attention when buying decorative items like hanging on the walls of the living room. Hanging photographs and paintings mere centimetres from the ceiling does not heighten the living room, it just worsens the good view of the room. Nobody would have to crane their necks up to look at the art pieces that are above your head, it does slight to add aesthetics and charm to your interiors. You should be careful about buying artistic that should go on with wall paint and others interiors in the living room.

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