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Interior Designing Tips to create a splendid Home Library
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Home Library is an essential room you shouldn’t ignore when you are building a new home or refurbishing an old home. An interior designer will guide you to choose the best space in your home for library.  It is especially indispensable for all the bookworms to escape from the world with a good book.  Since the library room is highly personal, interior design of these spaces should be very careful as it should come down to your personal taste.

With a little planning and these tips can help you create a library space which is both aesthetic and functions at its best the way you’ve always envisioned.

Focus on the storage


Once the location is decided, you can think about the storage.  Though, Floor-to-ceiling shelving units or built-ins are the traditional choices but these days, homeowners are getting more creative with unique shelving ideas and space.

Don’t forget the seating arrangement


Seating is next important factor after the storage of a home library. Seating should be designed to suit all your moods considering single rocking chair or a square footage. Ethnic style with minimalist interior and lots of greenery will be a good choice. Try arranging furniture at a slight angle to bring a casual and comforting air to the space. Add lots of foliage to enter fresh air to the room.

Layer your lighting


Though the proper lighting is a key element in every room, it’s especially essential in a library. Proper lighting scheme with the right type of light, is essential to the room’s ability to function the way you want. Try different lightings such as Ambient that fills the majority of the room or Accent lighting to highlight a particular focal point or task lighting such as desk lamps to pendant light. 

Make it cozy

Home library should be somewhere you’d gladly curl up with a good book for hours on end. Nice couch or swing can bring a level of comfort to the room. You can ground the space with nice bed or throw rug or add throw pillows to the chair or couch.

You can also add an element of personalization with a piece of wall art or any home décor that can make your room feel like your own. Keeping these things in mind while designing can create a personal haven, even you don’t have much square footage.

For a great home library ideas or design, consult the best Interior Designing Company or hire the best interior designers.


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