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How to Choose the Right Interior Designer
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Active Designs Pvt. Ltd. (ADPL) is an interior designing company Kerala incorporated in May 2001, aimed at creating the most functionally innovative and aesthetically appealing Work, Home and Leisure environments at realistic rates. With over 16 years of experience and upfront approach, ADPL, the interior designing company Kochi has earned the reputation for delivering the highest quality homes. Here we discuss a few precautions that you should take before choosing an interior designer.

Not everybody has the spare time to design their own home, which is why there is help out there. Whether you decide to use a freelance designer or an interior design company, there are a few precautions that you should take to help you make the right selection and ensure you will be happy with the final product – “Your Own Home”.

During the first consultation with an interior designer, three things should be discussed - the timeframe that you want the work completed within, the style you want to achieve and the budget that you are prepared to spend. It is very important that these three issues are crystal clear before proceeding any further, so that neither you nor the designer are under any illusions of what needs to be done.

The timeframe will always depend on the scope of work. If you are in a rush then all the products should be sourced from the local market which the designer should have a good idea of. You must also be happy that the designer knows exactly what style you want, this can be done by going through ‘concept boards’ or even using the internet to look at homes. If you are unsure about how much your budget is, then ask the designer for a rough figure based on market prices as well as their design fee.

Lastly, check out the designer’s portfolio to see the works they have completed. Don’t be shy to ask, this is what designers sell themselves on and it gives you an idea of their capabilities. You can also ask to see some testimonials or even speak to their references.

Designing your home is a big responsibility, so make sure you’re happy with your final choice.

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ADPL is established under the companies ACT 1956, ISO 9001:2008 and also certified from MAX*. ADPL has the finest team comprising of interior designers Kochi, engineers, architects in Kerala and other consultants’ who endeavour to provide dream homes and unique living concepts to clients with flawlessness.

On account of our customised designs emphasizing on elegance, utility and uniqueness, our works are frequently featured in the major design & lifestyle journals and in the media. 

Active Designs Pvt. Ltd., the interior designers Cochin has three wings for understanding the design intent to make proper planning, take construction to the highest standards whilst keeping account of client’s requirement, sense of style and budget.

1.    Jerry Constructions manages Building Construction,
2.    Order by Design deals with Interior Designing  and
3.    Total Maintenance Company handles Renovations and Repairing Works.

We provide high quality and specialized services from building construction, interior & exterior works to maintenance services for both commercial and residential properties through these three verticals.



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