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In an increasingly densely populated urban landscape, where land is at a premium, it is the need of the hour, to re think the way we live. It is essential to distil the essence of our lives, in evolving the habitats of our dreams. The scale may vary, but needs and aspirations are retained in many “quirky” homes that are fast grasping the fancy of young home makers and entrepreneurs. A few significant methods adopted to achieve these dramatic transformations are, [1]the blurring of demarcation lines between in-door and out-door spaces and the rise of a happy coalescence of “semi” spaces, [2]outdoor gardens are reincarnating as vertical gardens or natural green accents in minimalistic light wells or stair wells, [3] split levels to achieve vertical progression of living spaces in a subtle ascend, [4] elevators within homes, [5] roof gardens, rain water harvesting and filtration, and solar energy are the norm rather than the exception, [6]multi functional spaces or spaces that evolve in the course of a day to accommodate various activities [home office by day > family entertainment zone in the evening > guest room during the weekend…. All of these trends may be interpreted on a positive note as signs of an increasing population of youth who are rising above the constraints of a thriving city… Step out of the box…ENGAGE IN ACTIVE LIVING


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