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The Most Terrible Design Mistakes and the Different Ways to Fix Them
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There are many things such as pattern overload, too small sofas, poorly hung art, etc. But for every terrifying décor mistake, there’s always a solution to help defeat it. Here are some of the frequently committed interior errors and the various methods from the top interior design company Cochin, the Active Designs Pvt. Ltd. in order to fix them flawlessly.

        1. Going overboard with a theme

There’s nothing weirder than overdoing a theme. It feels tacky to cover every wall and surface, to furnish them in palm prints and ocean-inspired patterns. Instead, bring your desires alive through more subtle signs like textural elements, art and fabric prints. Even small touches can make a bigger impact.

        2. Too closely matching your décor

It’s a common misconception that having a matching set of chairs, tables and fabrics will make your space look unified. But this kind of design will eliminate character of a room. So always make sure that everything isn't uniform. Instead, opt for complimentary shapes, styles and patterns rather than matching ones.

        3. Unfitted furniture

The living room furniture should be in scale with space. It’s too often that people go to a store and see a sofa that looks great in a big, open room, but when they get it at home, it’s way too large for space. Or they pick pieces that are all the same size. You should always mix a variety of lengths, heights, breadths and shapes into a room, which makes it a more welcoming and visually appealing space.

        4. Furniture pushed back

In an attempt to create the illusion of more space, people often push their living room furniture against walls. In reality, this can make a room look boxy and confined. The best way to overcome this design error is by bringing furniture to the center of the room and allowing it to float. Make use of a sofa table to define where the space begins.

        5. Crowding surfaces with photos and frames

A tabletop covered with picture frames always looks almost cluttered. Clear up space and draw everyone’s attention to the other areas by creating a gallery wall instead. Ensure that the gallery wall doesn’t get filled with too many pictures. Try to keep it minimal.

         6. Inappropriately hung artwork

The art pieces hung too high or too low can majorly disrupt the flow of your space. Instead, hang artworks at eye level, about 60 inches up on the wall. If you’re creating a gallery wall, your art pieces at the top should reach close to the height of your nearest door frame.

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