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Interior Designing with wall cladding

When the external portion of a wall is coated using materials like stones, tiles, bricks, wood etc it is called wall cladding. It is one of the most important features of any interior or exterior designing work. The functional aspect of wall cladding is to prevent water from damaging the external walls though most often it is desired by people simply for its aesthetic sense. Some of the factors that decide the best cladding on walls are its ability to resist the damage caused by pests, mechanical hitches, wind or water. An ideal wall would be one that has the unique ability to insulate, relatively involves low labour cost and is easier to maintain. The geographical location of a place, plays as an important decision maker when it comes to designing with wall cladding. The climate in Kerala which is mainly wet in nature is influenced by heavy rains brought by the monsoons. The moisture content hence not only affects the wall but the inhabitants of the house as well. However in today’s market, one can find unlimited options to combine various materials in cladding that not only protects ones home from the wrath of weather but also enhances the beauty, interest & uniqueness of that space at your beck and call. Often interior designers combine & use cladding materials to give a look that’s contemporary. Each space can be defined separately by breaking up the expanded areas, making it a visual treat to any home. Homeowners looking to renovate or redesign their environment must plan their projects well and use this amazing technique called wall cladding to inspire any person who enters their space.


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