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Quick tips to take care of your home during this Mansoon
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We are already preparing for our upcoming monsoon which is just going to fall in full force from the first week of June. School reopening for your kids would be also keeping you busy, but it’s extremely important to a take care of your home and prepare well for a rainy season which would almost be there for 5 months. 

Though the rains are important as it maintains the balance of life and it’s an extremely pleasant weather where you get a relief from the scorching heat but along with it comes some problems as well. We should make sure that this season at your home is all prepared to face the hardness of weather. Below are some quick tips which can give you an idea about the problems which may occur during monsoon and the tips to keep your home safe and secure. 

1) Do a rapid check for any leaks in your roofs and walls
It is extremely important to stay protected in this monsoon and for that make sure that you check the roof of the house and walls for any sorts of leakage.  Get an instant repair for these leakages and apply the best waterproof coating which is available in the market for roof and terrace, for extremely better results. Something which all forget  is to check the roof’s water pipes to see if there is any wreckage as it can block the water pipe and can create problem for smooth water flow from the roof during rain. All make sure any leakages to the foundation walls is sorted out to protect the house contents.

2)  Avoid dampness, Install Ventilators
Something that we give a lesser importance, is the identification of damp or high humid areas of your house. Once identified we need to know the ways of getting rid of this dampness. We need to set up ventilators. Before the rain hits your house, please ensure that the house has enough cross-ventilation options which will allow fresh air to enter your house. As dampness is not good for health, where it can transform into fungus and moulds which is the cause for bronchitis for kids and adults. Moreover it can also harm the house contents as well.

3) Check electric connections and cables.
Accidents are common and intense during a monsoon if you are not well prepared for it and that too those caused by electricity can be extremely fatal. To avoid any such instances which can be extremely life threating, ensure that all your outdoor electrical switches are covered during monsoon and if it is uncovered, please don’t wait until the rain to start. Check all your electrical and generator rooms to see if there are any leakages and fix it to avoid any sort of electric shock. It extremely good to consult with a professional electrician who can check the electrical fixtures of the house and can find any sort of  damages, as you may not aware of electrical cords much.

4) Regular cleaning of carpets and rugs
Make sure that carpets at you home are cleaned regularly during monsoon. Carpets always have an n easy chance of catching dampness and produce fusty smell, so in order to prevent this fast, you need to vacuum the carpets on a daily basis to prevent moisture and dust. 

5) Protect all your wooden furniture
If its rainy season, moisture is going to be there everywhere. We should not allow the moisture to enter into your wooden furniture, where your cupboards and drawers can become damp and contents get damaged within days. Moreover dampness attracts insects like fireflies, cockroach and bugs. Naphthalene balls or Neem leaves is an ideal option to avoid insects attack from your clothes and papers.

6) Do regular house cleaning
Cleaning your house is a must and when its monsoon an extra cleaning need to be made to avoid that moisture and smell. Always use floor cleaners and spray grass oil on the surfaces you clean for a fresh feel. Foul smell of filled drainages can even come from roads or outskirts during a full swing rain. Place potpourri in a glass, metal or ceramic container and add a bit of essential oil in it. This will help to enhance the ambience of the house with good smell and make you feel fresh.

7) Don't renovate your house during monsoon
Renovating your house is a good idea except during monsoon. You can go for a wall painting and waterproofing but a complete restoration or renovation is not at all a good idea during this time. There can be chances where the external plastering would never get dried and also building materials can go for a scarce with difficulty for workers to get employed in this season.

Active Designs is involved in carrying exclusive maintenance works for our most respected clientele. We have maintenance packages and activities focused on monsoon, where you need that extra care for your beautiful homes.  Call us to carry forward your work. 


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