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Tips to Avoid Interior Designing Mistakes
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Decor Aid has renovated the number of ordinary homes into luxury living areas. Switching up your decor can make a remarkably huge alteration in the manner you feel at your home, but you have to beware about common decorating mistakes. Regardless of budget, size, style and location; there may arise common designing mistakes when it comes to the pointing of designing your home in a perfect manner. Let’s take a look at some of the common designing mistakes and how it can be avoided.

 Painting of walls before purchasing furniture

One of the most commonly seemed designing mistakes is the selection of colours and painting your walls before buying any items. So for getting the perfect designing looks at the living spaces you have to purchase all your furniture and items to your home before finalising your preferred wall colour.

 Applying different styles and Themes to your home

When you simply refreshing or renovating your home it is cool to feel put in only one theme. Whereas synchronising pieces will add cohesiveness to any room, an interior designing mistake to evade is overmatching. So you have to try to avoid applying different styles to your rooms, it creates a contrast and bored looks at your rooms and it also reflects the lack of personality. So sticking in the unique and single theme delivers a perfect look to your home.

Contrasting Elements

Just like the extreme matching or overmatching is the big interior decorating mistake, a living space in which all item is contrasted is also a designing mistake that should be avoided.  Rooms with contrasting elements lead to the lack of cohesiveness to your living areas so it is necessary to have the balances of pieces which should match and contrast with each other.
Including only Mannish or Womanly Pieces
Making your room with too mannish or womanly pieces is assumed as the biggest mistake in the interior designing tactics. Usually, it is included in the personal areas like bedrooms or bathrooms, it should be avoided. When you try to incorporate more mannish effects your room it creates some darker shades to your rooms whereas when you add too womanly effects your room it creates lighter shades. So for giving a perfect look to your living spaces, try to include the balance of darker and lighter shades to your room.
Hanging your artwork too high 
Including arts work into your home is the perfect method to showcase your style and personality. But the placement of art is usually a common designing mistake that is faced by homeowners. When placing your artwork too high will create a disturbance or messy looks your room. For decorating your room perfectly you need to place arts at the proper visible location in a neat manner. Each art piece you hang must sit together with the furniture. An easy tip to avoid this type of designing mistake is to keep arts only eight to ten inches higher than furniture.

Furniture Elevation

Furniture elevation is necessary for a home to give a serene look and tranquil atmospheres to your living spaces. Various heights and sizes of furniture are essential for a home to give an elevated appearance to the interiors. Furniture should be elevated in multiple ways in a room which leaves an impeccable look to your room. Hence art, window and furniture should all be elevated, even just faintly.

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