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How to Design & Furnish a Small Reading Room in your Home?
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If you are bookworm then a reading room is essential for your home. Designing the perfect room for library entails more than just placing the chair and some books on the shelves. So if you are planned to create a relaxed and comfy reading room, there are various things to consider while setting up a small library room in your home.

  • Proper Lighting 

Proper Lighting in the reading room is one of the important things to consider while designing a reading room. Insufficient lighting, while you are reading, is very harmful to your eyesight. Guard your eyes by having enough lighting to the entire room with lamps and also be careful to positioning one lamp to straight facing the sheets of your book. The lighting of 5000k to 6000k is appropriate for a reading room.

  • Privacy

A special corner is must for spending some private time alone, it is no matter whether you are a voracious reader or not. After a frantic day, an avid reader would want privacy to elite their favourite book to read. This may relax their whole body soul and mind also. It is mainly obtained by having a separate small reading room is there. You have to make certain that this room is away from all disturbing noises.

  • Comfort and Space

Comfortable seating is essential in the reading room to get the better feel of literary escape.  So sufficiently use plush seating options to guarantee a comfortable and relaxed environment. Try to add a bean bag and oversized cushion in the reading room for the comfy seating. For that further warmth add a woven-throw or soft comforter. Put a table and chair to those who use the reading room as their workstation also.

  • Bookshelves

A bookworm always focuses on the bookshelves, so while designing a reading room, give proper attention to the storage area as it is important in a reading room. A floor-to-ceiling shelf united with cabinets which could store your office files, your accessories such as reading glasses, music CDs, bookmarks etc. 

  • Music

Some people who love to listen to music while they read. Music is considered to have the powerful effect of refreshing and relaxation which inturn make your reading experience more stimulating.  So when you planned to design your library room give  proper storage areas to place music CDs, players also.

  • Proper Ventilation 

Proper ventilation is essential for a reading room as the windows are a good way to enter natural light and fresh air to the room. It could enhance the splash of refreshment to your reading and help to make the stories more worthy. Proper lighting is also necessary for reading so having windows will help to enter natural light in the daytime in addition to the ambient lights in the reading room.

  • Use Tranquil Colours in the Room

To create the right ambience in the reading room non-distracting colours is essential in the reading room. As the reading area must be a comforting space use soft hues and pastel shades to bring tranquillity in the area. This kind of light colours has a deep impact on stress levels, reducing tiredness and help to more concentrate on reading. 
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