Cmdr. Rejinald - Raal Systems

Leakage in the drainage system of the kitchen sink can be very troublesome, especially in my residential area, where we need to wait for atleast a week to get a plumber. I called Princy of TMC (Division of Active Designs) at noon on 02 Feb 17 to see if the services of her plumber can be spared for the next day. To my surprise, she asked why wait till tomorrow, she can send the plumber anytime. Within an hour the plumber was at home. Since the work involved replacing the existing pipelines and is time consuming, I was prepared to shut down the kitchen for a few days and again TMC surprised me when the plumber innovatively worked out a solution, resolving the problem once and for all in just two hours. He purchased the required pipes, assembled it accurately without causing any disturbance to the smooth functioning of the kitchen in the shortest feasible time. Kudos to Princy and TMC (Division of Active Designs) for the promptness to attend a complaint and the speed at which they complete the repair in a very professional manner. They have a good team of expert technicians for all kinds of repairs and I strongly recommended their services to all my known contacts for efficient and trouble free maintenance work either at home or office.


+91 944 703 59 33

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